GRAF Motoren

Graf Motoren und Motorenteile GmbH

In 2009, the company Karl-Heinz GRAF celebrated its 30th anniversary. The company GRAF is an accredited crafts enterprise in the field of motor repairs and processing of motor components as well as in the trade for motor spare parts. It is known far beyond the region of Müllheim.

In the technical engineering shop combustion engines from lawn mowers to trucks are repaired and overhauled or even replaced. Beside, we perform the technical care of the customer vehicle, such as e.g. approval by German Boiler Code, smog check program, service and repair of brakes. Motor components such as crankshafts, pistons, cylinder heads, valves, gaskets are competently processed, repaired or manufactured.

Due to the versatile processing options using special machines, we are able to realize almost any customer wishes even in difficult cases.

We attach great importance to consulting and cost-efficient repairs.

The sales of motor components are also performed by specialized multi-lingual and trained staff. Spare parts for Italian diesel motors which are sold in Germany and abroad are the focus of the spare part supply.

In 1979, the company Graf started by taking over the cylinder grinding shop Brudermüller at Freiburg, which had been founded in 1932. In 1983, the premises of this company became too small and had been extended by a subsidiary at Vögisheim. The company at Vögisheim had been so popular with our clientele that we decided in 1984 to move our headquarters there and to sell the premises at Freiburg.

The business development and the purchasing of new machines again caused problems of space and in summer 1989 we decided to develop a new building at the Schliengener Strasse. Already in December 1989 we moved to this new premises.

Overview of the company history:

Company handover to Mrs. Ute Wetzel on January 1st, 2014

1932Founded by Karl and Otto Brudermüller at Freiburg
1979Acquisition and change of name to Karlheinz Graf Maschinenbau und Motoreninstandsetzung
1981Foundation of the second company at Müllheim-Vögisheim
1984Sales of the company at Freiburg
1989New building of the company and move to Müllheim Schliengener Strasse
200425th anniversary
200930th anniversary

Development and construction of the company building
2014Company handover to Mrs. Ute Wetzel on January 1st, 2014