GRAF Motoren

Repair of motors and Motor components

Our two branches of industry cover the whole requirement in repair works. We will manufacture the required vehicle parts individually for you.

We are looking forward to delivering you short-term also the necessary motor components from our comprehensive stocks.

Since 25 years, we have made it our business to perform all services regarding motors and motor vehicles. This includes the supply with motor components, competent specialist consulting as well as necessary repair of defective motors or motor components. Thanks to the cooperation with one of the best equipped repair shop for injection pumps, we cover the fields of injection, common rail and modern management systems of all well-known manufacturers. This way, we are able to offer our customers an all-inclusive service one-stop. Good quality and thorough handling with a repaired motor are the basis for long durability. The classic motor repair which an aggregate may pass several times is a cost-efficient and environmentally alternative compared to using a new part.

We perform the following works:

  • Grinding crankshafts
  • Repairing crankshafts with needle bearing
  • Drilling, bushing, honing and surface grinding cylinders/motor units
  • Hydraulic pressure tests of cylinder heads and checking for cracks
  • Complete processing of cylinder heads with valve seats, guides, modification to non-leaded operation and surface grinding
  • Complete motor repair and overhauling components
  • Fine-balancing of crankshafts
  • Lining of friction bearings
  • General machine construction

Committed and qualified employees guarantee the professional competence and the service. Our contracts with well-known motor manufacturers are based on trust, performance, quality and the readiness for the technical advance.

We will be at your disposal at any time regarding diesel or gasoline motors, from motors for lawn mowers to motors for trucks.